Backtrack Blues Band — ‘Way Back Home’


Backtrack Blues Band — Way Back Home

Label: Harpo Records

The new release from the Backtrack Blues Band is a highly entertaining collection of mostly original tracks of traditional blues that is as heavy on musical wit as it is on satisfying guitar licks… (which is to say, very). What else would one expect from a band who’ve played together for over thirty years?

This five members of the Backtrack Blues Band collaborate brilliantly. There is a balance here that is remarkable. They are Sonny Charles (amplified harmonica and vocals), Kid Royal (guitar and vocals), Little Johnny Walter (rhythm guitar), Joe Bencomo (drums), and Stick Davis (bass). They play a Chicago style of electric blues and, when you’re lucky, they play it in a dirty, lowdown manner.

The songs they deliver (four of which are written by Sonny Charles) are individual gems, with a welcome balance of stellar musicianship and story and style. All together, they form a solid album that will only benefit from repeated listenings. The blues have never sounded so fun.

Essential Downloads: “Tell Your Daddy,” “Your Funeral, My Trial,” “Rich Man Blues.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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