New Blues: Brian Langlinais — ‘Right Hand Road’

Brian Langlinais — Right Hand Road

Label: Patoutville Records (Release Date: 9/16/16)

This is American blues, roadhouse style, at its absolute best. What’s more, it’s roadhouse across the past century. These are timeless blues moves that stand the test of time, and in his new album, Right Hand Road, Brian Langlinais delivers them with the touch of a master.

A collection of ten tracks, the album offers six originals (co-written by Langlinais with Dave Duncan) and four covers that are just a blast to hear once again, especially with the committment that Langlinais brings to them. The album is a lively, sometimes rowdy, conversation of instruments… all of whom speak the same language and, more importantly, the same dialect. The result is a compelling invitation to enjoy the blues on an intimate level.

Essential Downloads: “You Can’t Say I Didn’t Love You,” “Right Hand Road,” “Don’t Go No Further.”

To preview or purchase this album on Amazon, click here.

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