New Country: Bradley Walker — ‘Call Me Old-Fashioned’

Bradley Walker — Call Me Old-Fashioned

Label: Gaither Music/Farmhouse Recordings

Did you miss going to church last Sunday? I have a solution; put on Call Me Old-Fashioned, the new album from Bradley Walker. It’ll do you good. The church crowd will ove it too, of ocurse, but it’s the kind of singin’ that reaches much further than the choir.

“From the day that I was born I’ve learned to live with how things are.

I’ll never step up to the microphone or strum my own guitar.  

For over 30 years now, I’ve been sitting in this chair.  

When people stop and ask me if I think life’s been unfair, I say…

I feel sorry for the hard-working mother raising children on her own.  

And I feel sorry for the one who has to call cold underpass his home.  

And all the lonely people out there who cannot find a friend, I feel sorry for them.”

The second release from country singer and Alabama native Bradley Walker was produced by longtime friend, singer and songwriter Rory Feek (of Joey+Rory) and it’s everything  country music (and the world) needs more of these days. Walker’s consummate, trustworthy baritone vocals are as comforting as the songs he sings about life, love, family and his Christian faith. The songs are a blend of familiar and contemporary, and Walker gives them all a traditional treatment—the sound of classic country, with a hint of bluegrass every now and then.

The emotional highlight of the album is the song “In The Time That You Gave Me,” a touching duet between Walker and his good friend Joey Feek…

Essential Downloads: “Why Me,” “Call Me Old-Fashioned,” “Don’t Give Up On Me,” “I Feel Sorry For Them,” “In The Time That You Gave Me.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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