New Classic Country: Gary West — ‘For The Love Of Cash’ (Vol. 2)


Gary West — For The Love Of Cash, Volume 2

The actual Johnny Cash may have left the building, but the love of his music remains. The most entertaining way to satisfying that craving for hearing Johnny Cash’s sound again is to listen to Gary West. His album, For The Love Of Cash, Volume 2, is spot-on, on more levels than just impersonating the man in black’s music. It is a fully rounded tribute experience; Gary West succeeds in sounding like Johnny Cash, of course, but he also succeeds in reigniting the incredible spirit that drove Cash to legendary status.

For the record, West’s For The Love Of Cash, Volume 1 is also currently available. (To purchase that album on iTunes, click here.) If Gary West isn’t playing anywhere near you, put this album on. It’ll bring all of the pain, sweat, and smolder that was Johnny Cash back to life.

Essential Downloads: “Hobo Song,” “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” Long Black Veil.”

To preview or purchase this album online, click here.

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