New Bluegrass: Circa Blue — ‘Once Upon A Time’

Circa Blue — Once Upon A Time

Label: Orange Blossom Records

Circa Blue’s latest album, Once Upon A Time, is full of calm, soothing tones delivered on a cloud of musical coherence. It restores one’s faith in the ability of bluegrass to restore one’s faith.

The lineup this time includes guitarist Steve Harris, banjoist Matt Hickman, mandolinist Garrett Wren, fiddler Malia Furtado and bassist Ashley Stewart.

The best tracks are slightly swinging, jazz-inflected, energetic and brilliant at showcasing the talented instrumentalists. Each song had a wonderfully full quality, while maintaining room to breathe. Like a good trip to a gallery, the frames are as good as the art.

Plus there’s a cover of “Queen of Hearts” that will just make you smile.

Essential Downloads: “Carolina Dust,” “I Sing Your Song,” “Tripped, Stumbled And Fell.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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