New Country/Rock/Blues: The Kentucky Headhunters — ‘On Safari’

The Kentucky Headhunters — On Safari

Label: Plowboy Records/Practice House Records

They released their debut album, Pickin’ On Nashville, in 1989. Country music didn’t exactly know what to do with their new southern rock sound, but fans new they loved it and wanted more. Fast forward twenty-five years (and a Grammy award) and it should come as no shock to find that the band is still impressing with another stellar album. I’m talking about The Kentucky Headhunters, and their latest, On Safari.

The group’s 12th studio album combines southern rock, blues, Americana and country to create a sound as unique as the band itself. It was recorded in three days, giving it an infectious energy (and often surprisingly emotional) that comes from such focus. On Safari will please the group’s longtime fans and undoubtedly make a few new ones, especially those who appreciate a good cover of classics like Charlie Daniels’ “Way Down Yonder” and Alice Cooper’s “Caught In A Dream.”

Essential Downloads: “Beaver Creek Mansion,” “Lowdown Memphis Town Blues.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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