New Bluegrass: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers — ‘Made To Move’

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers — Made To Move

If there was ever a bluegrass CD to take on a  long road trip, this would be it. In fact, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers’ Made To Move is so good that you should take a few wrong roads, get a little lost and just enjoy pressing “repeat” on your vehicle’s CD player. These are relaxed, soul-soothing songs that become old friends after a few listenings.

There’s a neatness to the performances here that results in a sophisticated album rooted in traditional bluegrass with an occasional nod to contemporary folk style. What may at first appear possibly simplistic is, actually, a conscious decision to keep things uncluttered. All the better for hearing each lyric and harmony.

Chris Jones has a voice that could be described as dangerously trustworthy. He guides the listener through stories and songs and insights with the authenticity of a truly wise singer/songwriter.  The instrumental highlight of the album, “Jack Frost,” showcases the consummate playing of Mark Stoffel (mandolin), Jon Weisberger (bass) and Gina Clowes (banjo).

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers are a great reminder that bluegrass sounds best when it is pure and honest. This album is an honorable example of the genre at its finest.

Essential Downloads:”I’m A Wanderer,” “Raindrops Fell,” “You Always Come Back (To Hurting Me).”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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