New Blues: Rory Block — ‘Keepin’ Outta Trouble’

Rory Block — Keepin’ Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White

Label: New Stony Plain Records

In the liner notes for her recent album, Keepin’ Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White, contemporary blues artist Rory Block writes, “More than any artist in my Mentor Series, Bukka inspired me to write new songs.” Rooted in country blues tradition, Block pays tribute to Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White by doing just that; in addition to delivering five of White’s songs, she also offers five of her own that express White’s essence. What unifies all ten tracks is her inescapable authenticity.

It is another thrilling album from Block, who is now in the sixth volume of her Mentor Series, which started with her tribute to Son House in 2008. It’s exciting when important work is also this powerful.

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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