New Jazzy Blues: Nina Massara — ‘Watch Me’

Nina Massara — ‘Watch Me’

Label: CSP Records

Nina Massara teases her way through her recent album, Watch Me, with just enough of a wink to make the whole event a total pleasure. While her vocals are not impressive for their power, they are witty and winning. There’s a chance it’ll become the cocktail party CD of choice of 2017.

The album is the Danish/American singer’s debut and she is already creating a persona that should find a welcome back for years to come. She is confident and stylish, sexy and friendly. It’s a great combination. Moreover, she delivers material that is perfect for the mood she projects. The catchy songs are all co-written by Roy Weaver and producer Morten Wittrock. The lush instrumentation, inspired arrangements and Massara’s kitten-on-the-outside/tiger-within character are irresistible.

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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