David Olney — ‘Don’t Try To Fight It’

David Olney — Don’t Try To Fight It

Label: Red Parlor Records

David Olney, the prolific singer/songwriter has been celebrated as “The Bard of Nashville.” His latest album, Don’t Try To Fight Itdelivers ten provocative songs with such style that the master storytelling label is completely justified. He offers musical philosophizing that speaks as much to one’s instincts as one’s ears. Truth comes in many forms and the words and music of David Olney are definitely one.

Though a folksinger at heart, he incorporates a range of inspirations, from honky tonk to Tejano to Celtic into the captivating album. Each song ends sooner than it should, and yet they echo in my mind ever since.

If I could make a wish for Mr.Olney’s next project, it would be that a perceptive filmmaker would bring him on board to create a soundtrack. Simply being filmed with an Olney soundtrack would get a decent actor halfway to an Oscar.

Essential Downloads: “If They Ever Let Me Out,” “Don’t Try To Fight It,” “Evermore.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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