New Blues: Steve Krase – ‘Should’ve Seen It Coming’

Steve Krase – Should’ve Seen It Coming

Label: Connor Ray Music

Blues harmonica virtuoso Steve Krase has released his latest album, Should’ve Seen It Coming, and it is a party of a playlist. If you need to get things going, put this disc on; it is all about ignition. The production values are up to the high standard of each superb instrumentalist (Mark May – lead guitar, Alisha Pattillo – saxophone, Bob Lanza – lead guitar, David Carter – guitar, Rock Romano – bass, Richard Chokakian – drums, Randy Wall – piano/organ, James Gilmer – percussion, Trudy Lynn – background vocals) and Steve Krase’s smooth vocals communicate every nuance in every lyric.

The album includes special guest appearances from Trudy Lynn, Mark May and Bob Lanza. It’s a fun record that will have you reaching for the volume (which you’ll want to turn way up). With tracks like “Repo Man” and “Troubles, Troubles,” Krase keeps things musically incredibly tight and atmospherically loose.

Essential Downloads: “Brand New Thang,” “Should’ve Seen It Coming,” “Way Back Home.”

To preview or purchase this album, click here.

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