New Bluegrass: Ralph Stanley II and the Clinch Mountain Boys

Ralph Stanley II and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Label: Stanley Family Records

Fret not. Old-timey mountain music, protected for decades by the imcomporable Dr. Ralph Stanley, is still in good hands. Specifically, Ralph Stanley II, who, along with the Clinch Mountain Boys, has delivered a message of faith, hope and integrity in the form of this self-titled album. It features Ralph II on guitar, along with John Rigsby on fiddle and mandolin, Alex Leach on banjo, and Noah Brown on the upright bass. This is the first album release from the band since Ralph II took over the Clinch Mountain Boys band name last year per the wishes of his late father.

Having to fill the shoes of a music legend—with over a hundred albums to his name—cannot be an easy task, but Ralph Stanley II is more than up to the challenge. He succeeds by simply being his own musician; he is assured, relaxed and interested in telling stories with songs.

And, as it should, the good music goes on…

Essential Downloads: “Road Going Home,” “Goin’ Round This World,” “Raining In My Heart.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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