Boris Garcia — ‘Around Some Corner’

Boris Garcia — Around Some Corner

I’m new to the trippy, utterly delightful experience that is Boris Garcia. But their new album, Around Some Corner, has turned me into an instant fan. It is imaginative, innovative music that inspires. They are indeed modern day Pied Pipers who would attract a gathering to follow them around some corner.

There is a purity and a sincerity to this project that is downright refreshing. What’s more—the musicianship is top-notch. Bob Stirner (guitar/vocals), Jeff Otto (ukulele/vocals), Bud Burroughs (mandolin, keys, accordion), Tim Kelly (drums, percussion), EJ Simpson (bass), Chip Denoyers (pedal steel), and Tom Hampton (lap steel guitar) are the talented players.

Producer Tim Carbone and the Philadelphia-based group offer an experimental musical donut that is pure rock, with an Americana glaze, and sprinkled it with pop. That’s a ridiculous description, but it’s what comes to mind, and I would gladly take a full dozen.

Essential Downloads: “Mary Fields,” “I’d Do Anything,” “Waters Blue.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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