New Blues: Casey James Cuts Out The BS With ‘Strip It Down’

Casey James — Strip It Down

We always knew that American Idol was good for something. It introduced us to Casey James, who was an Idol finalist in 2010. It took a few years, but the experience brought James the clarity of purpose to get down to business with producer Tom Hambridge and create an album that is well-suited for the repeat button on the CD player. It’s less forced format country and more rocking and grinding and… well, a whole lot more fun.

It was just a matter of time and, thankfully, that time has come. After making music heading in directions that pleased others, Casey James has taken the wise, brave step to please his own passion for making good music first. It pays off in his latest album, Strip It Down, a blues collection that rediscovers the essence of who Casey James is as an artist.  Who he is, is a soulful, intuitive, dreamer with a survival instinct… who can really sing.

Casey James stomps, sizzles and smolders his way through fourteen completely satisfying tracks (including a duet with Delbert McClinton), all the while finding and sharing his inner Casey James. Redemption achieved.

Essential Downloads: “All I Need,” “Bulletproof,” “Strip It All Down,” “Fight You For The Blues.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

5 thoughts on “New Blues: Casey James Cuts Out The BS With ‘Strip It Down’

  1. Love your review of Casey’s album,the faithful knew this was the kind of music he was born to okay,it’s just who he is and so good


  2. Yes, Blues is the music that Casey was born to play! He can sing any genre & make it his own though! This album is EPIC & I do listen to it over & over!


  3. It takes a true artist to walk away from a Nashville successful career to follow his heart. I am SURE glad he did! This album is AMAZING!!! Good job Casey!


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