Backtrack Blues Band — ‘Make My Home In Florida’

Backtrack Blues Band — Make My Home In Florida

Label: Harpo Records

“If you don’t mind, we’re gonna keep it in a blues vein.” That was the lead-in to the agreeable “Your Funeral and My Trial,” and it was just fine with me. On their new live album, Make My Home In Florida, Backtrack Blues Band delivers one searing, soothing, sublime song after another. Each track brings the listener into the high energy ‘live’ experience (at the Palladium Theater in St Petersburg, Florida) more successfully than almost any other album I can remember.

The album is a welcome mix of classics and originals; highlights include B.B. King’s “Woke Up This Morning,” T-Bone Walker’s “T-Bone Shuffle” and  Sonny Charles’ “Heavy Built Woman.”

Produced by George Harris,Backtrack Blues Band features Sonny Charles (lead vocals, harmonica), Kid Royal (lead vocals, lead guitar), Little Johnny Walter (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), Joe Bencomo (drums), Stick Davis (bass).

To purchase this album, click here.

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