John Schneider’s new single — “Fish”

John Schneider’s new single, “Fish,” offers a reminder to keep it simple. The song is from the artist’s new project, Odyssey, which he co-produced with Paul Leim and Alicia Allain.

Schneider has this to say about “Fish”: “It’s not often someone writes a song with a one word title. Somehow it instantly says that what’s about to follow is ‘cute.’ I’m not a fan of cute. So when I pressed play on the demo I didn’t have great expectations. Then I heard the beat… then the wisdom, humor and philosophy inside this one word and fell in love. To me this song says what we all need to hear on occasion ‘Don’t overthink it, dummy. When you’re in a river… FISH!'”

The ambitious new Odyssey project, recorded with Bob Bullock at Backstage Studios in Nashville, features 52 songs from some of country music’s most acclaimed writers, with one song being released each week. In addition to the audio tracks, the collection includes weekly behind-the-scenes video content in a brand new TV series, Artist Studio Access, which documents the writing, recording and inspiration of each song.

John Schneider is a modern American storyteller whose career spans four decades as an actor, singer, songwriter, producer, director and screenwriter, beginning with his television debut in 1978 as the iconic Bo Duke on CBS’ The Dukes of Hazzard and currently plays the role of Jim Cryer in the Tyler Perry hit, The Haves and Have Nots on OWN.

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