Country Single of the Week: DEAN BRODY (featuring Shevy Price) — “Beautiful Freakshow”

DEAN BRODY (featuring Shevy Price) – “Beautiful Freakshow”

“You and I
What a beautiful freakshow
You and I
What a beautiful freakshow
If you’re west L.A I’d be an Arizona dust town

We don’t belong in the same zipcode
I feel like Jesse James when I’m around your crowd
What a beautiful freakshow…”

When is a a progressive track featuring a rap vocal still considered “country”? When it all comes together with as much rural soul as “Beautiful Freakshow.”

Canadian born, singer Dean Brody has approached country-music-superstar status in his homeland. Brody has an impressive list of accolades to his name, including sixteen Canadian Country Music Awards and two Junos under his studded belt. Most recently at the 2017 CCMA Awards he won the coveted Fan’s Choice Award, Songwriter of the Year and the award for Top-Selling Single of the Year with “Bush Party” (the first single from his current album).  

His sixth album, Beautiful Freakshow, continues to keep listeners on the edge of their seats, unable to be sure of what is coming next.  Just as the title of the album indicates, the new record is a fascinating mashup of Brody’s range of musical preferences, best epitomized by the title track, “Beautiful Freakshow”, which features a rap vocal contribution by Halifax native, Shevy Price. 

To purchase this song on iTunes, click here.

For more Dean Brody’s tour dates, click here.

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