SZLACHETKA – Heart Of My Hometown

Szlachetka – Heart Of My Hometown

A  beautiful thing has happened in 2018:  Szlachetka’s words and music, in the form of Heart of My Hometown, have been shared with a world hungry for stories worth telling delivered by an artist worth listening to.

Folk/rock artist Szlachetka is a healthy blend of everything right about American music, past and present. Thanks to him, the genre has a brighter future. His ability to inhabit comfortable musical zones while discovering the artistic frontier is remarkable.

He is a steady rhythm of seeming contradictions, raw and polished, biting and soothing, fleeting and eternal. Szlachetka skates on rock-country turf and even rides a few pop waves to make songs that speak to the sometimes uncategorizable experiences in life.

Based in Los Angeles, Matthew Szlachetka has participated in five previous album releases. Thankfully, this one found its way into my listening zone. I look forward to catching up with his catalogue past, and anticipating what’s next.

For more information on this album and Szlachetka’s tour dates, visit his official website.

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