Lucas Hoge’s newest single — “Power of Garth”

Lucas Hoge’s newest single, “Power of Garth” — from his
No. 1 Billboard Country Sales Chart Album Dirty South
— is a powerful tribute that delivers a punch with a vocal performance that soars.

Has it really been that long? Are we actually entering an era where new songs are being written to pay homage to that grand, old country music statesman, Garth Brooks?

“Every time I hear “The Thunder Rolls”

I’m right back to 10 years old

Those songs are like the soundtrack to my life

I was too young to understand why mama cried when she heard “The Dance”

Those melodies will forever be wrapped around my heart

And that’s the power of Garth…”

Well, if that has to be the new reality, at least the new song that has caused this panic is a good one. It stands firmly on its own, even with the ample, clever references in the lyric. It is more of an honest, devoted tribute — thanks to the admirable delivery by Lucas Hoge — than it is just a gimmick song.

Lucas Hoge grew up playing drums as a kid. One day, a friend of his brought the No Fences CD to school, and it had a big influence on Hoge, who then decided to pick up a guitar. Garth Brooks’ songs opened Hoge up to country music, and eventually he started writing songs of his own. Hoge may not be one of country’s “hat” acts, but he certainly knows how to tip one. What better way to recognize the way Garth Brooks’ songs have filled so many moments in our lives than with a country song?

To purchase Lucas Hoge’s music on iTunes, click here.

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