New Country: Sam Shupak — “Something Blue”

Sam Shupak — “Something Blue”

(Written by Sam Shupak, Josh Withenshaw, and Danny Stevens)

His Twitter pages tells us that “At age two Sam was singing along to Alan Jackson’s Chattahoochee. Now he is bringing his musical talents to a Honky-Tonk near you.” That’s about all I can tell you about this guy with the authentically Texian country voice whose new single just appeared today in my inbox.

That new song is “Something Blue,” and his name is Sam Shupak. He delivers a memorable new take on the timeless wedding tradition of “something borrowed . . .” with this pleasing debut single.

With a voice as trustworthy as this, I decided to investigate some more:

Shupak, who hails from the Piney Woods of East Texas, burst onto the national scene opening for Granger Smith’s 2015 tour. Since that time he has continued to build an engaged following through an ambitious schedule of more than 175 tour dates a year.  “Something Blue” is from an upcoming full-length album, co-produced by the artist along with Spence Peppard, whose recording / producing credits include work with Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Phil Keaggy.

“I wrote ‘Something Blue’ with Josh Withenshaw and Danny Stevens in a recording studio in East Nashville last summer. The song is about the heartache of watching the one you love move on to someone new. I guess all three of us connected with the idea because we’d all gone through a similar experience; we wrote it in just an hour. It’s heartfelt and I hope listeners will connect with it!”   – Sam Shupak

Whoever he is, I’m guessing there’ll be plenty more to hear from him soon. Country music will survive as long as the Sam Shupak’s of the world get their chance.

To purchase this song on iTunes, click here.

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