Angie Aparo — Life Is A Flower Life Is A Gun

Angie Aparo — Life Is A Flower Life Is A Gun

Of the stack of CDs waiting, staring longingly at me from the shelf, waiting desperately to be reviewed (or mentioned, which is enough in this day of online posterity), Angie Aparo’s Life Is A Flower Life Is A Gun deserves all the attention it can get. Why? Because creative, original work must be supported and nurtured, now more than ever.

Am I dreaming? Has the spirit of Prince revisited my speakers once more, with necessary life guidance in the form of a catchy hook?  Is this a Supertramp song that never got released, but that now features Siri on lead vocals? Whatever, it works for me. These songs are the narrative that will involve you and your imagination and experience in order to complete the storytelling. So I am dreaming… one come true.

A brilliant musical exorcism (or at the least, a digital dump) of the things great and small that occupy the human mind in the 21st century, it succeeds at surprising at every turn while always making logical emotional sense. I have no doubt that, like all good art, this album will only increase the satisfaction with repeat listenings.

To find this album on iTunes, click here.

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