Ashley McBryde’s Debut Album — ‘Girl Going Nowhere’

Ashley McBryde — Girl Going Nowhere

Singer/songwriter Ashley McBryde has released her highly anticipated debut album, Girl Going Nowhere. Who knew that after years of artistic drought, there could be so many extraordinary female artists crowding the stage of country music (Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Maren Morris)? Not complaining here, just remarking on how remarkable things are these days and nights.

The Arkansas native has delivered a collection of heartfelt songs, each more honest that the one before as the record unfolds. The triumphant album features songs that explore the ups and downs of life. Like a slow, brooding, spread of embers that never quite got doused before calling it a night, Ashley McBryde’s vocals have a powerful staying power.Ashley McIntyre is a fire one just doesn’t put out, and her voice glows with each fearless breath.

She has a tender, vulnerable interior that is polished with a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll swagger. She offers a much-needed antidote to the usual, limited, repetitive perspective. Hopefully one of country music’s big arena acts will discover this talent and show her off to the vast country music-loving audience that is so hungry to discover such an authentic new singer/songwriter/storyteller.

Then again, Ashley might be a tough opening act to follow.

Track Listing:
“Girl Goin’ Nowhere” (Ashley McBryde, Jeremy Bussey)
“Radioland” (Ashley McBryde, Autumn McEntire, Chris Roberts)
“American Scandal” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Terri Jo Box)
“Southern Babylon” (Ashley McBryde, Tommy Collier)
“The Jacket” (Ashley McBryde, Olivia Rudeen, Neal Cotty)
“Livin’ Next to Leroy” (Ashley McBryde, Nicolette Hayford)
“A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega” (Ashley McBryde, Nicolette Hayford, Jesse Rice)
“Andy” (I Can’t Live Without You) (Ashley McBryde)
“El Dorado” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Patrick Savage)
“Tired of Being Happy” (Ashley McBryde, Randall Clay, Blue Foley)
“Home Sweet Highway” (Ashley McBryde, CJ Field, Blue Foley)

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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