New Blues: Little Freddie King — ‘Fried Rice & Chicken’

Little Freddie King — Fried Rice & Chicken

Label: Orleans Records

It starts slowly, gathering heat, grit and intensity through the tension created by its core musical values laid bare for all to hear in all their honest glory. By the end of the album—Little Freddie King’s Fried Rice & Chicken—one feels as if they’ve been on a musical journey through several of the absolute best funk/blues performances of the mid-1990s. Totally satisfying in both the material chosen and the performances themselves, this collection of Little Freddie King’s strummin’ and hummin’ is first-rate. He’s a raw, what-you-hear-is-what-you-get blues artist and he delivers up to all expectation.

(“Mean Little Woman” is included on the album):

To purchase this album on, click here.

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