New Bluegrass: Sideline — ‘Front and Center’

Sideline — Front and Center

Label: Mountain Home Music

Release date: April 27, 2018

When the musicians are this good, they should be put front and center. Therefore, Sideline consists of: Steve Dilling (banjo), Skip Cherryholmes (guitar), Jason Moore (bass), Bailey Coe (guitar), Troy Boone (mandolin), and Daniel Greeson (fiddle).

Front and Center is the group’s first project with producer Tim Surrett. It’s a happy collaboration resulting in twelve admirable tracks in the sublime Carolina bluegrass style. Fundamentally, they have a driving, traditional sound, but their stellar musicianship still finds plenty of opportunities to break the rules, and soar in exciting ways. There’s nothing about the music Sideline makes that isn’t front and center. Their harmonies are as finely tuned as their instruments, and their relaxed, easy-going performance allows the album to create a live, you-are-there atmosphere.

From the sound of it, this music must be a whole lot of fun to play—especially the opening track, “Thunder Dan.” The rest of the album (due out on April 27th) makes that abundantly clear as well. If you like your bluegrass highly-skilled, yet delivered effortlessly, this is the album for you.

Track List:
Thunder Dan
Frozen In Time
Old Time Way
Song For A Winter’s Night
Bluefield WV Mtn. Girl
I Long To See His Face
Lysander Hayes
Memories That We Shared
Something Out Of Nothing
All Because Of Me
Satan’s Chains
Cotton Eyed Joe

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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