Muscadine Bloodline Releases New EP — ‘Movin’ On’

Muscadine Bloodline — Movin’ On

Country duo Muscadine Bloodline takes good care of their growing fanbase. They (Alabama natives Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton) must sense that people want to hear their new music, and now. They’re correct, of course. The music, full of close harmonies and innovative guitar work, is that good. So Muscadine Bloodline (under the profoundly smart leadership of producer Luke Laird) has released a new EP, titled Movin’ On, and even if there had been a wait, it would have been worth it. Truer grit was never heard.

The EP’s title track makes it clear that Muscadine Bloodline will soon be a hit on country radio. The way the totality of the experience—the story, the emotion, the notes, chords, and the marriage of the voice and guitar—comes together is more sophisticated than most might suspect… which is exactly as it ought to be. The production on this collection is particularly admirable; the right artists, the right material, and the right instincts.

My personal favorite is the EP’s opener: “Gravel.” It’s a catchy, almost comedic song about a fairly rough breakup that takes place in a bar, and the song achieves full bar room drama. With a lyric that borders on semi-soused, brilliant literature, and an attitude steeped in diminishing dignity, “Gravel” is an instant classic ode to questionable decisions made under the influence. Here’s a peek at it…

Much like the sometimes hard-to-find muscadine grapes themselves, Muscadine Bloodline is definitely worth seeking out.

To preview or purchase this EP on iTunes, click here.

Upcoming Muscadine Bloodline Tour Dates:
4/28 Stagecoach Music Festival Indio, CA
5/25 Atwood Music Festival Monticello, MS
6/2 Patriotic Festival Virginia Beach, VA

(Photo: Jason Myers)

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