New Country Single: Stephanie Quayle — “Selfish”

Stephanie Quayle — “Selfish”

“Let me spell it out,
I want you and no one else,
I’m selfish…”

Fear not. Thankfully, seduction has not completely disappeared in 2018. Evidence? Stephanie Quayle’s latest single “Selfish” is currently attracting attention and climbing the charts. In this song, writers Stephanie Quayle, Andrew Scott Wills, and Tori Tullier have turned the negative connotation of the word “selfish” around and revealed in it an occasionally more attractive meaning. Sincerity never sounded so good.

Her voice—an instrument rooted in the traditional country sound, but with a completely contemporary shine to it—is the sound of uninhibited honesty. As with all the greats of country music, no matter what she sings it’s personal. It’s a voice that makes you want to lean in and listen closer. Her persuasive delivery is the best argument there is for turning off the radio (when the song is done, of course) and going to spend some one-on-one time with the one you love. Her vocals ooze temptation and conjure up possibilities that hopefully she’ll sing about on her next album.

It’s been quite a ride for Ms. Quayle. She’s been nearly everywhere, from a live performance at the top of the Empire State Building, to the stage of the ‘One America Appeal’ hurricane relief benefit concert (sharing the lineup with Lady Gaga and Alabama, among others), to her debut at the Grand Ole Opry just last month. That journey has just begun though. The success of her debut album, Love the Way You See Me, and the rise of her current single, “Selfish,” makes it clear that Stephanie Quayle is a passionate voice country music has been waiting for.

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