New Americana: The Nouveaux Honkies — ‘Loud In Here’

The Nouveaux Honkies — Loud In Here

The Nouveaux Honkies’ latest album consists of a duo that feels like a single artist—Tim O’Donnell (vocals, guitar, drums, bass, mandola, Rhodes), and Rebecca Dawkins (vocals, violin)—along with a few other talented players on various tracks (Pat Manske, Nate Rowe, Bill Kirchen, Chris Gage, Ephraim Owens, Lloyd Maines, Tim Buppert). The supporting team in quite good, but the heart and soul of the event is still O’Donnell and Dawkins… and the indisputable chemistry between them. Together, they weave a spell and hold your attention while stirring the imagination. Their voices are flexible and nuanced, and serve each song perfectly, as need be. From hearing how genuine they come across on a recording, they must be stunning in a live setting.

They have released a collection that seemingly covers it all. There are songs of love, songs of despair, songs of accusation, songs of admiration, songs that are familiar (“Wichita Lineman”), and songs that are thrilling to discover. On an album full of highlights, “Loud In Here” stands out. It captures the modern twist on eternal emotions that The Nouveaux Honkies are experts at invoking.

To  purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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