New Country: Mike Aiken — ‘Wayward Troubadour’

Mike Aiken — Wayward Troubadour

There’s nothing wayward about singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Aiken’s new album, Wayward Troubadour. It is not difficult, nor stubborn. In fact it is entirely agreeable. There are moments of unpredictability, however, but they only add to the refreshing quality of this sunny collection of songs. The troubadour label fits, with Aiken clearly an artist who has observed and shared insights from a life of travel and adventure. His songs might be tales off the beaten path, but he zeroes in on the universal truth clearly and quickly. His storytelling is subtle and he captures the atmosphere perfectly in the world of each song he sings. He sings what he means, and he means what he sings. (And Amy Aiken’s accompanying vocals only make it all sound that much sweeter.)

Mike Aiken delivers an album rooted in traditional country, with moments of Western Swing, that will fit very nicely in your summer playlist. My personal favorite is “Travelin’ Bone,” a catchy number that stirs up childhood memories of putting on J.J. Cale albums. These are songs that will have you smiling and head-bobbing and generally feeling carefree. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Just wait until you hear this album.

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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