Matthew Jordan — ‘Undeniable’

Matthew Jordan — ‘Undeniable’

Label: Quiet Thunder Records


What is undeniable is Matthew Jordan’s gift for pop songwriting.

What is also clear is that Matthew Jordan and his keyboard has one of the strongest relationships in music today.

He has just released a long awaited EP, titled Undeniable, on which he weaves a hypnotic spell of emotions, from yearning, to devoted, to plaintive, to eternally optimistic. If ever you needed a song to articulate just what you’re going through in a relationship, chances are Matthew Jordan is singing that song… and beautifully.

The clear hit single in this seven song collection is the title track, Undeniable. In it, Matthew Jordan offers an embarrassment of songwriting riches, laying down all of his knowledge of just what a great pop song requires. It is a lesson in structure, melody, harmony, and lyric that can only come from someone with the essence of pop music in his blood. He is smart enough to keep the profound musical apparatus all hidden in a deceptively simple tune. Therefore, it is a song you’ll be singing along to by the time the song ends. Talk about a successful track. At the same time, he delivers a vocal that connects to the heart as much as it does to the ear.

If you ever wondered what the hell has happened to good music — where it has gone, and just who might bring it back — speculate no more. This guy, from a certain trustworthy branch of music’s family tree — suggesting nearby branches such as The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Jack White, and, of course, Elton John — has fallen into a spectacular talent void in the twenty-first century. His name is Matthew Jordan and he is here and now.

To preview or purchase this EP on iTunes, click here.

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