Ynana Rose — ‘Tea Leaf Confessions’

Ynana Rose — ‘Tea Leaf Confessions’
Label: Ynana Rose Music

Sounding at the same time both comfortably familiar and bravely vulnerable, singer/songwriter Ynana Rose has released Tea Leaf Confessions. These are folk, blues, Americana songs, sung with warmth by a voice you can (and do, after the first note) trust.

Ms. Rose composed ten of the eleven tracks on the album. It is a collection of yearning tunes and straightforward lyrics that could also be described as straightforward tunes and yearning lyrics. They’re that clear-cut. Most of the tracks blur the line between story and song and confession, and all of them inspire to exhale and feel more human. I was raised in Northern California on Kate Wolf folk tunes and cannot help but recognize a similar authenticity in these songs.

Matching Ynana Rose’s always inviting vocals is a gathering of some of the finest musicians Americana has to offer, including Paul Griffith (drums), Tammy Rogers (fiddle), and Joel Tepp (harmonica). The effect of such an assemblage is soothing, provocative, and full of the wisdom and clarity that comes from really listening.

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