New Blues: Peter Ward — ‘Train To Key Biscayne’

Peter Ward — Train To Key Biscayne
Label: Gandy Dancer Records

Peter Ward’s Train To Key Biscayne is a trip in the best sense. There’s a lot of musical territory covered and each stop along the way on this follow-up to his 2017 release (Blues on My Shoulders) is a rewarding discovery. The album showcases the guitar and songwriting and guitar expertise of Peter Ward, former guitarist for the Legendary Blues Band. Ward wrote all twelve of the original blues, ballads and rock tracks that fill this satisfying album.

The blues done every way possible seems impossible, but Ward nearly accomplishes it here. My personal favorite is the powerful “I Saw Your Home” — a story told through song that captivates with every note.

Throughout, Wards is surrounded by a stellar group of friends and legends: Sugar Ray Norcia (harmonica, vocals), Mudcat Ward (bass), Neil Gouvin (drums), Anthony Geraci (piano), Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson (vocals), Ronnie Earl (guitar), Michelle Willson (vocals), Johnny Nicholas (vocals), Jiri Nedoma (piano), Bob Berry (bass), George Dellomo (drums), Hank Walther (piano, harmonica, organ), Aaron Gratzmiller (saxophone, organ), Keith Asack (guitar, bass, drums). What a group, what an album, what an affirmation of the need for the blues.

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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