New Soul/Blues: Tad Robinson — ‘Real Street’

Tad Robinson — Real Street

Label: Severn Records

Tad Robinson’s new album, Real Street, is a voyage to the inner searching of those brave enough to contemplate life and love head on. With a voice that can melt even the most experienced of lovers, he delivers a collection of songs that nearly redefine everything you thought a song given the Memphis treatment could accomplish. Burt then again, Tad Robinson specializes in soul and the blues, and everyone knows that’s as “real” as it gets.

Real Street offers ten sublime tracks of blues and soul music (six originals and four refreshed covers). Whatever magic was in the Memphis air (where these cuts were recorded) lingers on through the vibrations on the album. This is Memphis soul done right.

Throughout, Robinson’s versatile vocals (and equally as expressive harmonica voice) are backed by the Hi Rhythm Section (Charlie Hodges — Hammond organ; Leroy Hodges — bass; Howard Grimes — drums) as well as Joe Restivo — guitar; Kevin Anker — Wurlitzer electric piano; Marc Franklin — trumpet; Kirk Smothers — sax; and Devin B. Thompson (background vocals). This is clearly a group who inspire each other. The blended talent of everyone involved results in a seamless and pleasurable experience. Turn it up and enjoy.

Track listing:
1. Changes
2. Full Grown Woman
3. Search Your Heart
4. Love in the Neighborhood
5. Wishing Well Blues
6. You Got It
7. You Are My Dream
8. Make It with You
9. Real Street
10. Long Way Home

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