Hear Justin Moore’s New Country Single: ‘Why We Drink’

Justin Moore — Why We Drink

Label: Big Machine

‘Cause this song is so good. And easy-going. And sunny. And tempting. And because it showcases Justin Moore in the best way — sounding as natural as always, and as country as you always expect him to be.

Sorry, I just caught up in the catchy verses of the latest single from the country star who just gets better and better because he’s always been pure country and that is becoming more and more of a rare and admirable quality these days and nights.

I’m writing, of course, about Justin Moore… mainstream country’s traditionalist guardian. He has kept his many fans satisfied over his career, and exceeded their high expectations with the release of his latest album, 2019’s Late Nights and Longnecks.

With “Why We Drink,” Moore claims the title to the delivering best boot stompin’ song of the year. Moore co-wrote the song with Casey Michael Beathard, David Lee Murphy, and Jeremy S. Stover. It hits country radio September 30th, and I expect it will do even better than Moore’s recent No. 1 hit, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home.” If so, it will be the 9th No. 1 hit of Justin Moore’s career.

I don’t even drink, but I’ll drink to that!


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