New Blues: Giles Robson — ‘Don’t Give Up On The Blues’

Giles Robson — Don’t Give Up On The Blues

Label: American Showplace Music

Blues harmonica virtuoso and Blues Music Award winner Giles Robson knocks it out of the park with his new solo recording, Don’t Give Up on the Blues. It’s a dynamic electric blues album with 12 all original tracks. This collection of impeccable performances demonstrates clearly why Robson is considered the top blues harp player around. Robson’s playing has been appreciated in Russia, Spain, France, Italy, and almost everywhere audiences love great blues. This album is Robson’s introduction into the American music scene, and it is a noteworthy debut.

Robson is quite up to the artistic challenge of collaborating with legendary blues pianist Bruce Katz and his equally exciting all American band. Production values are impressive here, with the album receiving an earthy and rich sound. My personal favorite on the album is the last track, “Way Past Midnight.” Robson pulls out all the stops and offers an instant classic, drenched with blues-marinated harp playing for the ages.

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