Grammy Nominated (Best Folk Album): Gregory Alan Isakov — ‘Evening Machines’

Gregory Alan Isakov — Evening Machines
Label: Dualtone Music

To listen to Gregory Alan Isakov‘s album, Evening Machines, is to take a highly personal trip. His gorgeous music is so evocative and inviting that it cannot help but inspire the listener to travel inward and supply these mesmerizing songs with some intimate context. The songs are as compelling as a series of richly detailed doors, each one waiting to be opened. There is a wonderful sense of scale at work with the album; the songs appear to be small in subject and structure, but the effect of them is sweeping and nearly infinite in the thoughts they inspire. It is an atmospheric, intoxicating experience.

Evening Machines is up for a Best Folk Album Grammy, competing against Americana heavyweight artists Andrew Bird, Che Apalache, Joy Williams and Patty Griffin.

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