New Bluegrass: The Roe Family Singers — ‘Roll Up The Rug!’

The Roe Family Singers — Roll Up The Rug!
Label: Bonfire Music Group

If your world could use a little cheering up, all you have to do is look at the cover of the new album by The Roe Family Singers. It conveys a timeless good-time campfire with friends feeling that will brighten your day immediately. Better yet, play the music; it is a collection of trusty traditional tunes surrounded by several original material that are a constant invitation to smile. If you love good music played with amazingly good energy, it’s bound to be one of your memorized albums by summer’s end.

The Roe Family Singers appreciate a great old-time tune, but they are not afraid to deliver it with their own musical treatment. Usually they approach things with a crystal clear uncluttered performance. They get to the heart of songs like “The Rocky Road Blues” (Bill Monroe), “When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along” (Harry Woods), and “Red River Valley” (Traditional) never sounded more welcome. “Don’t Worry About That Rich Man,” one of the original, empowering songs, captures all of the feeling of a classic yet acts a showcase for the band’s accomplished musicianship. 

The Roe Family Singers are: Kim Roe (vocals, autoharp, banjoele, washboard, spoons) Quillan Roe (vocals, banjo, archtop guitar), with Rob Ol’Spitty Davis, Kurt Froehlich, Dan Gaarder, Joe Hayes, Ric Lee, Eric Paulson, Rich Rue, Adam Wirtzfeld, and Richard Kriehn all contributing life to the songs on various objects and instruments.

Open up the CD case, lift the CD out, and the album design makes a few suggestions: “Be Kind,” “Be Safe,” and “Treat Folks How You Like To Be Treated!” Were there ever more appropriate or more timely words ever framing a CD of more refreshing or more necessary music? 

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