New Blues / Roots: The Nighthawks – Tryin’ to Get to You

The Nighthawks – Tryin’ to Get to You
Label: EllerSoul Records

Is there anything these days as reliable as am album from The Nighthawks? I think not. 

The Nighthawks, the seminal American roots music group based in Washington, D.C., have been consistently creating dependably satisfying blues, roots and rock ’n’ roll for decades. Their latest release, Tryin’ To Get To You, continues that tradition. The collection of thirteen songs delivers some familiar tunes alongside several originals, all of which spotlight each member of the band. The Nighthawks currently consists of: Mark Wenner (harmonica and vocals); Dan Hovey (guitar and vocals); Mark Stutso (drums and vocals); and Paul Pisciotta (bass and vocals).

The Nighthawks playing style is so effective that even just hearing an introduction to a song evokes a distinct change of lighting… at least in this listener’s mind. Special recognition must go to their performance of “Luscious” on this album. The track achieves all of the relaxed charm and pleasure of even the most aspirational planned party (and one to include on your next get-together playlist). To respond to one of the strongest tracks on the album, “Tell Me What I Did Wong,” I’ll simply write: nothing. The Nighthawks are doing everything right. They are making music they love, for all the right reasons, and it comes across with every soul-agreeing, toe-tapping beat.  

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