New Blues: Watermelon Slim — ‘Traveling Man’

Watermelon Sim — Traveling Man
Label: Northernblues Music

Watermelon Slim‘s newest release, Traveling Man, is a live double disc that will have you howlin’ the blues and thankful that you have nothing better to do these days but settle down, turn up the music, and enjoy the benefits of sublimely played live music.

Watermelon Slim specializes in authenticity. From the relationship to the material, to the unique manner in which he plays his slide guitar, he cannot help but sound genuine. One gets the feeling that if there were no guitar in sight, Watermelon Slim would find something as a substitute and create the sounds he makes so well, no matter what. Several of the songs are introduced with remarks that only heighten their impact as momentary memos of Watermelon Slim’s perspective.

In this, his fourteenth album, the blues/roots great delivers a generous collection of live music performed at two concerts; one at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the other The Depot in Norman, Oklahoma. The album offers a mix of twelve inventive, original songs and powerful interpretations of five classics. For those of who love their blues raw and full of life, this album is a treasure.

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