New Music: Grace Pettis — “Drop Another Pin”

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Grace Pettis — “Drop Another Pin”

Grace Pettis.
Remember that name.
Better yet, listen to her new single and watch the video, and you won’t forget it.

An award-winning singer songwriter from Austin via Alabama, she has been characterized as “a little bit folk, a little bit country/Americana and a whole lot of soul.” Her debut single for MPress Records “Landon”  was received with tremendous critical acclaim, and now she has delivered another outstanding song — an irresistible composition that speaks to mindfulness and the power and poetry of observation.

Featuring co-production and keyboard contributions from fellow Austin native Alejandro Rose-Garcia (Shakey Graves), the uptempo track was mixed by Grammy® winner Andy Zulla (Kelly Clarkson). 

Grace has a natural capacity for capturing the essence of a big thought or two and then conveying it in such an appealing, intimate manner. If, God forbid, there’s another lockdown coming this winter,. just keep Grace Pettis’ tunes on your playlist and you’ll get through it smiling and tapping your toes. If she weren’t busy making the world a better, happier place with her music, I’d hope that she were on the upcoming ballot. Hers is definitely a healing vibe.

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