New Country: Margie Singleton — ‘Never Mind’

Margie Singleton — Never Mind

In a world starved for authenticity, along comes Margie Singleton — one of the great performers of country music — to show how a great country song really works. How it all fits together. When she delivers a song, she offers an interpretation that generously acknowledges the equal importance of the song, the lyric, the band, and the feeling of them when they all fit together. And it’s all there for the enjoyable listening on her new EP, Never Mind.

Never mind that she is 85. That is just our good luck that she’s been making music for so long (she first appeared on the Louisiana Hayride in 1956). Instead, pay attention to the power in a song like “Lie To Me.” It’s a reminder that the years passing by are an opportunity to see things more clearly, and a good artist finds a way to put that insight into the work.

What a treat to have Margie Singleton on the playlist these days, especially with a collection of tracks that prove the enduring quality of good country music.

Track listing:
1. Never Mind (M. Singleton, S.S. Singleton)
2. Who’s Gonna Love You (Too Late For Sorry) (M. Singleton, S.S. Singleton)
3. Wonder What She’s Doing (M. Singleton, S.S. Singleton)
4. Missing You (S.S. Singleton)
5. Lie To Me (M. Singleton, Brook Benton)

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