New Music: Jackson Browne – Downhill From Everywhere

Jackson Browne’s first new album in seven years sure sounds like Jackson Browne. That’s a very good thing. Nearly half a century has passed since the singer/songwriter’s sublime debut album, but he still sounds fresh as he guides us through a world we inhabit but perhaps do not always observe as keenly as we should. While the politics of the verbose Browne are simplistic, the perspective is honest and heartfelt. That makes for good listening.

The title track is a plea to stop dumping plastic into the oceans. Addressing the necessary while remaining steadfastly hopeful. It is classic Jackson Browne. This time around he seems more determined than ever Once again, he has mastered the art of synthesizing the political and the personal, allowing their reflective light to show the way.

Thank you for the sleek new music, Mr. Browne. May it put some wind in our sails as continue forward.

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