Lisa Mills – ‘The Triangle’ Expanded (To Be Released 7/30/21)

Lisa Mills – The Triangle (Expanded Edition)
(Release date: 7/30/21)

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Especially when it comes to Southern soul music. Case in point — The Triangle (Expanded Edition), the new digital-only album from Lisa Mills, which will be released on July 30. The new edition includes all of the scorching music of the previous release, plus four new tracks.

The new songs include “Groove Me,” “Everybody Loves A Winner,” “Trying To Get To You,” and “You’d Better Move On.” Each of these tracks enlargens the listening experience, reaching previously unexplored emotional levels. “Groove Me” positively explodes with optimism, and an incredible horn section acting almost like a duet partner with Ms. Mills’s effectively alluring vocals. “Everybody Loves A Winner” scratches the reality of heartbreak. It’s a song that wounds and then heals and then soothes, reminding us that love is ultimately worth taking a chance on (if only just to get more songs as satisfying as this one). “Trying To Get To You” places Ms. Mills in a “tell-it-like-it-is” mode that can only best be achieved by a blues master. This song makes perfect use of her vocal delivery instincts. “You’d Better Move On” closes the album now, wrapping things up in an irresistible manner that also proves Lisa Mills’s incredible vocal versatility.

Just as the original album was a guaranteed thrill for anyone who loves soul, blues or Southern rock, so is the expended version. It is a must-have, and should inspire listeners to see Lisa Mills live the next time she’s in town.

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