New Music: Martha and the Muffins – ‘Marthology’

Martha and the Muffins — Marthology: In and Outtakes

Label: Idla

Canadian rock band Martha and the Muffins scores big with their just released compilation Marthology: In and Outtakes, a collection of rarities and demo versions of past songs that will thrill longtime admirers and gain plenty of new ones. Even though it’s been a decade since their last release, their songs are refreshingly of-the-moment.

 Mark Gane and Martha Johnson, both founding members of the Toronto-based punk/new wave/art house band of the late-’70s, remain at the center and have curated a collection of performances that remind the listener of just how wide a musical net Martha and the Muffins cast over the years. It’s impressive on many levels. But most of all, it’s just a pleasure to hear. Considering these tracks are the scraps somehow left behind, it really inspires one to delve once again into the band’s previously released albums, and to appreciate the band’s brilliance.

Oh, Canada. You really have given your Southern neighbors so much creative and thoughtful music. We thank you.

Marthology: The In and Outtakes Track Listing

“On A Silent Summer Evening”
“Summer Of Song”
“Do You Ever Wonder?”
“Act Like A Woman”
“Don’t Monkey With My Love”
“Talking Through My Hat”
“Big Day”
“There Comes A Day”
“Fighting The Monster (Alt. Version)”
“Echo Beach (30th Anniversary Version)”

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