New Roots Music: John McTigue III — ‘It’s About Time’

John McTigue III — It’s About Time

Label: Mc3 Records

It’s About Time, John McTigue III’s first full length solo recording is an album of rich, textured songs that create and sustain an atmosphere worthy of regular repeat visits. From the opening track, “Deep Ellum Blues” by Joe and Bob Shelton, through “Starbuck (Buckaroo)” by Bob Morris), on to “Chopin Étude No. 4” by our old friend Frederic Chopin, to “Sting Quartet No. 3” by Mr. McTigue III, it is a musical journey of the highest caliber… a sumptuous feast for the ears, soul, and imagination.

The album covers a variety of topics, in a breadth of styles, which keeps things interesting and surprising in the best way. The diverse approaches to the material clearly reflect the good taste and keen observations of a musician whose travels around the globe making music have had a mutual effect on him and his brilliant musicianship.

Stellar musicians on the album include: John McTigue III (drums, percussion); Kenny Vaughan (guitar); Tim Carroll (vocals, guitar); Greg Garing (vocals, guitar); Billy Contreras (violins); Billy Harvey (guitar); Ron Blakely (guitar); Jay Weaver (bass); Tosca String Quartet (strings).

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