New Bluegrass: Daryl Mosley — ‘Small Town Dreamer’

Daryl Mosley — Small Town Dreamer

Label: Pinecastle Records

Daryl Mosley‘s second solo album, Small Town Dreamer, begins with a reminder of how I fell in love with music in the first place. The song, “Transistor Radio,” is as true as it is pleasing. Anyone who grew up in a small town a few years ago can attest to the fact that a transistor radio is at least partly responsible for a whole lot of dreams. The song is an example of what Daryl Mosley, the songwriter, is so good at — creating a musical sketch of a moment full of truth so that Daryl Mosley, the singer, can bring to life seemingly effortlessly. It sets the tone for the rest of the album, a collection of 12 original tracks that celebrate the big dreams born of small town life. That doesn’t mean this album is anything but contemporary, though. Just because it isn’t afraid to look back, it does so with an energy and honesty that helps us remember that some values are simply timeless.

The musicianship on these bluegrass, country songs is top-notch. The musicians are: Danny Roberts (mandolin); Tony Wray (guitar); Aaron McDaris (banjo); Adam Haynes (fiddle); Justin Moses (dobro); Daryl Mosley (bass); Jaelee Roberts (harmony vocals); and Jeanette Williams (harmony vocals). Whether they’re sharing a lilting waltz, keeping an even, steady pace, or driving home an infectious rouser, the players here are clearly inspired. And a special nod to the harmony vocalists. They turn their vocal tasks into duets of the best kind without meaning to. They’re that good. Of course, Daryl Mosley has one of those voices that goes perfectly with any instrument.

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