New Music: Taylor Rae — ‘Mad Twenties’

Taylor Rae — Mad Twenties

The dreamy voice of singer/songwriter Taylor Rae is one of those sublime, flexible instruments so beloved by composers of songs who love to let the vocals take flight. No doubt, her skillful, confessional delivery of the words makes her equally revered by lyricists as well. She might have been influenced by Norah somebody, Edie somebody, Grace something-or-other, or Sheryl whats-her-name… but Taylor Rae is an original. Her ability to emotionally connect with a song in a relaxed manner is the second quality you’ll admire, after you are instantly drawn to her effortless floating, skimming, gliding, free-flowing vocals. The greatest recipient of singer Taylor Rae’s estimable talent is songwriter Taylor Rae. These songs blossom and grow and intertwine to become a satisfyingly unified listening event.

Produced by William Gawley, Mad Twenties achieves everything an album that serves as an introduction to an artist should, and more. Musicians on the album include: Dave Francis (bass); Wayne Killius (drums); David Flint (guitar and mandolin); and Chris Nole (piano and keys). The songs range from bluesy to folk to rock, with each track feeling inevitable. If the songs are a musical mirror to the experience of living through her twenties, brava to Taylor Rae, for she delivers not just the fragments of memoir but also the wisdom of a keen observer whose perspective makes the vibe she creates matter.

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