New Music: Tim McNary — ‘Loose Leaf’

So clear, these notes. So clear, these words. So clear, the connection between them and the state of mind they inspire. For a collection of songs to be so captivating, while at the same time incredibly healing is quite a gift, and it comes from singer/songwriter Tim McNary on his new album Loose Leaf.

Known for his emotive lyrics and multi-dimensional modern folk sound, Nashville-based Tim McNary creates an album of gently percussive, atmospheric alt-folk, swelled by piano and electric and acoustic guitar with male vocals. Although the album focuses on McNary’s vocals, the arrangements are so lush and ever-present that McNary becomes an island surrounded by an ocean of perfect sound.

With a soothing voice that finds its true edge in the emotional depths it plumbs, Tim McNary guides the listener inward, through the most genuine and concise of feelings, ultimately arriving at a place of great hope. In the process of listening to his songs I cannot help but breathe easier, think more clearly, and appreciate (fill in the blank with whatever is challenging you these days) all the more. Tim McNary is gifted, and he shares generously. With his tendency to caress the words until the multiplicity of each lyric’s meanings is revealed, he will hold you spellbound.

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