New Blues/Roots Music: Zoom (with Shawn Kellerman) — ‘Chocolate Cake’

The request for a second serving goes without saying. What comes as a surprise is how each track of Chocolate Cake — the new album from Zoom with Shawn Kellerman — reaches a new, highly satisfying emotional level. With blues/funk diva Zoom’s powerful vocals and Kellerman’s equally forceful guitar work/play, the album is an essential, restorative experience.

The 11 tracks on Chocolate Cake are boisterous, energetic, and full of joy. “My Baby Doesn’t Love Me” is the perfect synthesis of each of these artist’s strengths. Their performance (bringing it back home as “My Baby Don’t Love Me,” as it should be) is an all out display of just the beginning of what they’re capable of together. This is music that should be heard live, but in the meantime, let’s thank them for releasing it for us to enjoy wherever we are.

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