Landslide Records’ 40th Anniversary Compilation

Great news: Landslide Records celebrates its 40th Anniversary with this extensive and very satisfying two-disc compilation, featuring the best of the label’s output through the years. These discs are packed with sublime performances of blues, jazz, rockabilly, and so much more by some amazing talent, including; Tinsley Ellis, Sean Costello, Delta Moon, The Derek Trucks Band, Widespread Panic, Col. Bruce Hampton, Webb Wilder, Damon Fowler, and more.

Michael Rothschild (Landslide Records Founder and President) has done a stellar job compiling these artist’s phenomenal output. It cannot have been an easy task to assemble a playlist so thorough and so representative of the Landslide Records artistic family. Still, he’s released 33 tracks and over two hours of music here, and it will inspire you to research these artist’s catalogues and hear the rest of the story.

In the meantime, enjoy this track from Nappy Brown with The Heartfixers…

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