New Blues: Val Starr & the Blues Rocket — ‘Healing Kind of Blues’


Val Starr & the Blues Rocket’s new album, Healing Kind of Blues, is a collection of original blues songs in a mostly uplifting, energetic style. You’ve heard of “Memphis Blues,” “Delta Blues,” “Chicago Blues,” and others. Val Starr delivers “California Blues” — an eclectic mix of traditional blues, West-Coast swing, and rock and jazz infused blues. Age and aging are the subject of several of the songs, and they benefit from the wit with which Starr handles the material. These are songs that heal through their enjoyable spirit.

Starr produced the album herself, which comes as no surprise, since she is such a capable guitarist and vocalist. She obviously had a particular vision for this release, and from the recording’s successful cohesiveness, it’s clear she achieved that vision. Most of all, she did an impressive job bringing each instrumental forward at the precise moment when one’s ears desire just that sound at that moment. Obviously, musical know-how is first nature to her. Enjoy her celebration of the blues that she shares while celebrating being here and now.

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